Gail Gordon

Gail, a founding member of PDGi, fulfills the operational and financial functions within the company. She serves as the manager of corporate marketing and has helped develop, refine, and articulate the strategy and vision for our firm. Her efforts within PDGi allow other team members to focus solely on serving our clients with the knowledge that the business side of PDGi runs efficiently and effectively.

Drawing from an extensive background in budgeting, marketing, retail, purchasing and upper management for diverse entities such as Federated Department Stores, National Retail Dry Goods Association and St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Gail manages the business aspects of PDGi and created a model of a lean, non-partisan public affairs and public relations business that has endured economic and political cycles for over 29 years – remaining strong throughout.

A graduate of the University of Arizona, Gail has been a community leader through her efforts with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Junior League, and numerous boards, including a tenure as Chairman of the Board of Phoenix Memorial Hospital.