Strategic Communications

STRATEGY forty-eight specializes in the management of complex, long-term issues management and communications. Specializing in both traditional and social media, STRATEGY forty-eight focuses on a targeted approach tailored for each client to communicate its message, rather than a one-size-fits-all model. We recognize that our clients know their business better than we do so we spend time training our clients so they can identify potential stories for us and our team makes sure our clients know what to do if the media calls or shows up at their place of business.

Whether we are involved in advance of a crisis or when it occurs, STRATEGY forty-eight immediately assesses the situation and evaluates the client’s desired outcomes. We will also develop an overall plan, a crisis protocol and talking points that communicate the client’s message. If we are working with our client in advance of a crisis, we will produce a crisis binder that will contain the plan, protocol and hour one instructions.

Areas of expertise:
◾Media training for print, radio and television media outlets
◾Social media analysis and strategic planning
◾Video production support
◾Collateral materials development
◾Litigation support