In 2006, Bombardier Transportation enlisted PDG’s help to connect them with our community and with potential partners for an exciting project in the Valley: the City of Phoenix’s new Sky Train project at Sky Harbor International Airport. Our years of experience in transportation issues and procurement support were further bolstered because Bombardier had the foresight to engage with the community well in advance of the City issuing any request for bids.

The Sky Train project, which the City of Phoenix awarded to Bombardier in 2009, will give travelers a convenient and time-saving option to move between terminals, the rental car center, and even the Valley’s light rail system. Given the cost and the importance of this project, the City spent years in development and procurement. This afforded PDG and Bombardier the opportunity to draw upon both of our strengths.

Bombardier excels in developing, designing, and building turn-key transportation systems. They drew upon their experiences around the world to take the best of their other projects and bring them to their design for the Sky Train. PDG excels in helping to navigate the municipal procurement process and putting their clients in the best position to win a bid. We identified a variety of strategic community partnerships with business leaders, policy makers, and quality Arizona contractors to ensure long-term success for the project. That diverse group of partners established Bombardier as a respected Arizona corporate citizen with a broad, multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, and politically diverse coalition.

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