All the pieces to solve complex issues

From our Arizona inception in 1991, Policy Development Group, Inc. (PDGi) has established itself as a market leader in providing thoughtful and cutting edge solutions to complex problems.

We provide our public and private sector clients the very best creative and innovative thinking when developing and fully implementing public affairs and public relations strategies.

PDGi is a bipartisan firm with objective and hard working professionals who benefit from their widely influential and substantive public and private sector experiences. Assembling diverse and talented individuals from both political parties and all levels of government service has proven invaluable. It allows the PDGi team to focus on positive and productive outcomes for our clients, and not on partisan outcomes. The goals of our corporate or public clients are rarely affiliated with a single political party or philosophy which affords PDGi the ability to work closely with elected officials of all political or partisan stripes. Finally, each of the principals at PDGi actively and regularly participate in the political process, and they do so in a bipartisan and principled fashion.

With more than 20 years in public affairs and advocacy as a firm, and a combined 200 years of professional experience, PDGi has experienced tremendous success representing business of all sizes, cities, towns, state agencies, federal agencies, and other governmental entities. We have successfully assisted clients in securing federal and state appropriations, identified and effectively obtained federal and state grants, and fruitfully advocated for a broad range of policy-related issues and legislation with elected and non-elected officials across all levels of government.